Monsters Need Love Too!

The Earth Beneath is a collection of 10,000 generative Monsters with hundreds of traits inspired by some of the most iconic horror movies and lore.

Each monster is original, with its own traits and attributes.

Owning an Alpha Monster provides exclusive access to the Earth Beneath Game.

Total in Collection: 5,846


"As the old saying goes, you are what you eat, and we eat brains! So, we are very smart! Killing us is not easy, because we’ know...DEAD."
- Reekin'
Total in Collection: 888


"We are very strong due our 1 to 29.5 day work life balance! But that stored energy makes our attacks deadly. We only clock in on every full moon, making us pretty rare. ”
- Scott Howlard
Total in Collection: 3,266


“Well rested and well fed. We're spell scholars, sleep all day and eat well during the night. A lazy bunch are we. Luckily magic works wonders."
- Edward Killen

Packs, Hordes, & Clutches, Oh My!

Each Alpha can add to it's power, by biting mortals, turning them into Monsters. These less powerful progeny are called Betas.

Each Beta will inherit their Makers traits, but not all of their power and will gain limited access to the Earth Beneath.

The Vision

We are really excited about bringing the Earth Beneath to life. Here are some of our ideas.

Play. Earn. Build.

The Earth Beneath will be an everforming economy, full of opportunities to profit from your gameplay, ability and skill.

Mega Monster Fight Club

TEB Currency

Who Are We?

What's up!! Our team is made up of me, Brodie Nightstalker, my dad, and his two buddies. I am an aspiring designer and artist. The NFT market sparked my interest in a new way to give access to games, which led me to talk with my dad, who is a Bitcoin and Blockchain software engineering veteraxn and asked if we could do something together. Being the lit Dad that he is, he reached out to a couple of his friends and The Earth Beneath began to form.

Brodie Nightstalker

Executive Producer

I'm a 19yr old creative, who loves MTG, Anime, and Unstable Unicorns. I also dabble a little in code and have a hard time chewing my food.


Web, Game and Smart Contract Developer

Father of Brodie. Fun-loving code and design guy. Known by one name only.
P.S.: Señor Pineapples allowed me to create the big mech-zombie for the site.

Falcore Smithsonian

World Traveling Bitcoin and Blockchain Code Warrior

Always ready for a challenge and long time friend of Earl. Loves to sip on 600yr old bloodwine.

Lucho Pineapples

World Class Cartoonist

Hailing from the country of Mexico, I have been cartooning since a teenager. Currently I'm married to a coconut, and we have a little piña colada on the way!

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